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Engage your organisation to explore the Indigenous history of Australia and it's surrounding cities with Mirri Mirri's online training.


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For over a decade, we have delivered face-to-face training to over 15,000 participants across Australia, providing a platform for them to better understand and engage with Indigenous peoples and communities.
We have now created an online training component featuring engaging videos about Australia’s Indigenous history.
Mirri Mirri's Paul Sinclair in front of Indigenous Trailblazers.

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Our Course

This training is designed for all types of participants – whether you are new to cultural awareness or have had previous face-to-face training. 

Our training aims to bring a fresh perspective through historic documentaries.

Mirri Mirri's Paul Sinclair delivering online cultural awareness training.


Interactive Storytelling

Our training is designed with interactive storytelling to reveal micro-learning elements as the learner progresses through each module.

Our modules predominately feature videos to explore complex topics such as the Frontier Wars and the Stolen Generations.

Mirri Mirri's interactive online cultural awareness training.


Course Highlights

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Our course features six modules designed with visual micro-learning elements. Each module is presented through videos, historic images, statistics & facts, with minimal onscreen reading for the participant.

Video Driven

Our course features 20 videos - the majority of our videos under 5 minutes long but the course also includes a few long form documentaries exploring the formative years of Australia.

European Arrival

Our course explores the impacts of European arrival from the 'First Fleet' through to the first 125 years of settlement and government policies which impacted the lives of Indigenous people.

The Stolen Generations

Our course explores the 'Protection Era', where policies were created to control the lives of Indigenous people and how these policies led to the force removal of Indigenous children from their families.


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Frequently asked questions

Have questions? Below are a few common questions.

How long is Mirri Mirri's online training?

Mirri Mirri’s cultural awareness training will take the learner approximately 120 minutes.

For the majority of the training, the learner will watch videos about the history of Indigenous peoples including a 25 minute video on the first 125 years of European arrival and the impacts on Indigenous peoples.

How can my organisation sign up for the training?

It’s easy! Send us a message via our contact form with details about your organisation and the number of staff requiring training. 

We’ll get back to you so soon as possible with the next steps regarding pricing and account activation.

In most cases, we can have your organisation taking the course within a few days!

What topics are included in the training?

1. Cultural Practices 

2. Aboriginal Culture

3. Torres Strait Islander Culture

4. European Arrival 

5. The Stolen Generations

6. Indigenous Activism

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